I help women to develop a healthy relationship with food and body through nutrition, mindset & lifestyle habits.

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           Personalized Meal-plan & Nutritional Guidance

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            Tailored Program & 1:1 coaching

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      ✔ Feel confident & accepting in your body

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Banana Blueberry Muffins | Vegan & Gluten Free

Posted In: Recipes
BANANA BLUEBERRY MUFFINS There's something so comforting about muffins... Right?I personally love to have daily a baked good, especially since it's quite cold. I made a rule of my house to always have a treat available, that's why I love creating new healthy recipes to eat daily without fake additives, cholesterol and saturated fat. This ones are vegan, oil free, refined sugar free, dairy free & gluten free, but don't worry, they are 100% delicious!These beauties are crated with whole ingredients and it's the perfec[...]

Vegan Crustless Quiche

Posted In: Appetizer | Recipes | Side Dish
High Protein & Gluten Free Vegan Crustless Quiche Wholesome Ingredients & no fancy methods required. Perfect for parties and family gatherings. Great option for meal-prepping and as an easy, quick and convenient on-the-go meal. Who doesn’t love a quiche? I def do!  I thought that making it vegan would be too complicated, if not impossible, and quite bland,  especially since using tofu as a base ingredient rather than eggs. I was not convinced of the success possibilities of a vegan quiche that was sav[...]


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Christmas day is already here. At the end of the day, all the preparations come down to this day and lots of expectations are put on it and the meal. This high level of expectation can create lots of stress and feeling overwhelmed, which can encourage certain unhealthy behaviours that may not help to cope with it. If you are engaged in a diet or trying to break free from the diet culture mindset and behaviours, the Christmas meal might be creating you some level of anxiety due to the triggers and fears you may be holding. T[...]


"I met Neus on my Yoga Retreat in Bali last year. It was my final destination after weeks of traveling. On my travels, I spent a lot of time alone, felt confident and good with myself, but when I met Neus, she really lead me to the next level, or how I’d rather say; she helped me to reflect myself better, focusing on what's important to me, rebalancing my life and last but not least she introduced me to Yoga. She taught me not only the practice itself but also the roots, the mindset, and the attitude to life Buddhism and Yoga shares. I’ve learned so much through Neus and her beautiful soul. I’m endlessly happy and blessed our ways crossed on this journey, and we’ve been able to spend this unforgettable time in Bali together. I still benefit from what I experienced back then. It supports me in challenging situations and helps me grow; It is and will still be nourishing for me. Thank you, Neus!"
Elena Lauren Muggli
Retreat Student
"I met Neus in January 2020 during my first ever yoga retreat and first ever yoga experience. As I was struggling with who I wanted to become and had no idea what yoga could do, she welcomed me with open arms. From the beginning I felt very safe following her practices. It was nice to open up a little bit more about what was going on in my head. Not only being in Bali, but also listening to Neus opened something for me. I loved the words she said while we were practicing and remember how peaceful everything felt. I'm very grateful to have met her, because I think having a good teacher is key. In my opinion it can make or break the experience and because of her I'm still practicing it weekly."
Morgane Jansen
Retreat Student
"I started private lessons with Neus in Bali and asked that we focus specifically on my surfing. Neus designed a course for me that worked on opening my hips and improving my shoulder mobility, and I was able to see improvements very soon after. The improvements were very noticeable and I have been surfing for 35yrs, so to see gains in paddling power and speed getting to my feet were great, but the flexibility gained whilst executing turns at critical parts of the wave were much more noticeable and these gains were a result of increased core strength, flexibility and balance. I really enjoyed my classes with Neus and look forward to being able to do more one on one classes with her when this crazy world becomes a little more normal."
Anthony Walker
yoga student
"I can totally recommend Neus, she is a great yoga teacher! What I like about her is her pleasant voice and her variations between basic and challenging moves. I was always able to follow her pace, in real life sessions in Bali as well as in her virtual classes now. It's been a great journey down the yoga path for me thanks to Neus, really appreciate it."
Svenja Stapler
Yoga student

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